Ten Suggestions Tag

Today’s tag comes from my good friend, Al over at Hyperactivepandemonium. Go check it out and then follow him on Twitter.

The rules are simple—share ten suggestions. They can be unique and don’t need to match mine. The sky’s the limit. Continue reading


Get to Know Me tag

My lovely and talented friend Lo-arna Green tapped me a while ago to participate in this Get to Know Me tag and I’m finally getting around to completing it. You guys should definitely go and check out Lo-arna’s blog and give her a follow on Twitter. She’s smart, funny and a joy to know. You won’t be sorry 😀 Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award

The lovely Lo-arna Green was kind enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I had know idea what it was but loved that she thought of me while selecting bloggers. I met Lo-arna on Twitter, of course, that’s where you meet all of the cool kids and she is one of the coolest. I personally think this award should have been named for her since she brings warmth and sunshine to me and my Twitter feed daily. I love her to bits and you will too! Continue reading

Musings: 20 Facts

I was tagged by Holly to share 20 facts about myself. It was tough coming up with things I haven’t already told y’all but I gave it my best shot.

20 Facts About Me
1. Blind Melon’s No Rain was the first CD I owed.
2. Had a job offer in Fiji to work as a Sports Librarian. Also,  gave strong consideration to moving to Qatar for a job–I would’ve had to buy stock in sunscreen. Continue reading

Writing Bucket List

My friend Jessica tagged me to come up with my Writing Bucket List. Go check out her blog, Little Siberia, and give her a follow on Twitter if you don’t already. It’s worth it, believe me. It seemed like it would be a pretty simple thing to create—boy was I wrong. It’s like being given the whole toy store to choose from and having no idea where to start. But I gave it my best shot and this is what I was able to come up with. Continue reading

Oracle Tag

The questions for this tag were developed based on the major arcana of tarot and come curtesy of Holly, who was inspired to write these after completing Angela Donofrio’s The Author’s Oracle tag. When I heard about this, I was immediately intrigued by the premise and was excited to participate. Both sets of tarot questions deal with writing and cover a broad range. These ladies know how to ask some hard hitting questions 🙂 Continue reading

Baring It All…

Uh…I mean, my soul ;P

Holly has been ambitious and hard at work the past couple of days, developing these amazing questions that we enable us all to get to know one another a bit better. I love reading through all tag Q&A’s but appreciate tags which are unrelated to writing/reading because it allows us to gain a peek into the person behind the writer. We get so wrapped up in sharing our WIPs, characters and story worlds that we sometimes forget to share the other things — the things that have made and shaped us, the things that make up who we are. Continue reading