Flash Fiction: My Place

Earlier this week, I had a few lines pop into my brain and they wouldn’t stop bugging me. I grabbed some paper and began scribbling until the words stopped (spoiler alert: it didn’t take long ;p) and I ended up with the following.ย Its not much, only 149 words, but it was interesting to write. I’ve come to realize I quite like writing super short stories or flash fiction. I enjoy the challenge of them and its fun to see what can be accomplished in a small amount of words. Continue reading


Short Short Story

While was lying in bed thinking (scary thought, I know), I had this line pop into my head. So I decided to see where it would take me and exactly 150 words later, I had this little scene. It’s nothing special–nothing I think that could lead anywhere else, to anything bigger. But I wanted to share it anyway since these little pieces are important in their own right. Hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading

After Sleep

vaThis is a continuation of the story I posted like week called, Before Sleep. Turns out, Anne’s story wasn’t over–funny how life works out that way. ย I’ll admit this is not one of my better pieces and was going to wait to post on Saturday, to give me more time to editย but decided I neededย it to be done and out of the way, so this chapter could be closed. Some stories are just have that effect on us. I apologize for its length, rambling nature and for any typos you might encounter along the way. Continue reading