No Mo’ Camp NaNoWriMo

I can’t believe its the last day before the official end of CampNaNoWriMo. This will be our last time, sitting around the camp fire (internet), making s’mores (bribing ourselves to write with candy), reminiscing about our awesome, fun week at camp (bitc-complaining, sometimes sobbing, about our lack of inspiration, low word count and uncooperative characters). Continue reading


Camp NaNo: Week 1

Well Campers, we’ve done it….we made it through the first week of camp!
snuggieJudging from the tweets, shared lines and awesome word counts I’ve seen, CampNaNoWriMo seems to be going well for a lot of people. The Twitter writing community is an excellent source of inspiration and encouragement all the time but especially during challenges like this. Continue reading

Show & Tell: Not really

This was supposed to be the first installment of Show & Tell. I had grand plans of what I was going to include in this post: my impressive word count, sharing an excerpt, regaling you with kind of inspirational, ah-ha moment and whatever other wonderful things happened surrounding this novel. But you know what they say about grand plans…actually, I can’t really think of anything funny or witty right now, so you’ll have to insert your own. Continue reading