About Me

My tagline does a pretty excellent job of describing who I am in a nutshell. However, for those who are a little more curious, here’s a list I created for Introducing Me. If I think of anything else, new or exciting, I’ll add them to the top of the list. Enjoy!
Random Facts About Me:
* I run mainly on caffeine and sugar.
* The inside of my brain looks like a cluttered attic.
* My decision to major in Comparative Literature was based solely on the fact that the classes looked fun (also, I needed to major in something so I could get into library school).
* I hate spiders and bugs, pretty much anything with an exoskeleton; but, I feel somewhat guilty and a little sad when I kill them.
* I could probably make a sailor blush with some of my language but I’m able to keep it in check most of the time.
* I have been in training to become a cat-lady since the age of six.
* Writing keeps me sane…well, sane-ish.
* I’m terrible at ALL video games.
* I’m usually reading four to five books at a time.
* My family is pretty much a carbon copy of the one in My Big Fat Greek Wedding but we’re not greek.
* I make it a point to dance everyday.
* When I was little, my imaginary friend was Michael Jordan (yes, the basketball player).
* I spend inordinate amount of time looking for GIFs.
* When eating M&Ms, I group and eat them by color.
* My stories run like movies in my head and keep me entertained.
* If American Idol had a car singing competition, I’d win it — hands down, no questions asked.
* The word “duty” makes me giggle…yes, I do have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy.
* The first time I read The Odyssey was the summer between my fourth and fifth grade year and I read it for fun.
* I own the complete series of Law & Order on dvd.
* I have a legitimate fear of squirrels.
* After considerable thought, I believe that my chances of survival are pretty good if there were ever a zombie apocalypse.
* I can quote The Princess Bride and have been known to reenact the sword fight scene on occasion.
* I’m very hard on myself and am my biggest critic.
* I’m not ashamed to admit I wish ‘NSYNC would get back together for a reunion tour.
* My go to karaoke song is Eminem’s Lose Yourself.
* I’ve spent time on five different continents.
* In the fourth grade, I won the Outstanding Math Student Award…it was the last time I was ever awarded anything relating to math.
* I don’t own any plain socks. They all have animals or food or some kind of crazy pattern.
* I’d rather stay at home and play board games than go out to bar; although, I’m pretty awesome at darts once I’ve had a couple of beers.
* Really, I’m just your average, awkward nerd who loves to write and make people smile

If there’s anything thing else you’d like to know about me, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am an open book, except for when I’m not 😉 In the spirit of sharing, what are some random or weird facts about yourself? I’d love to hear all about them. Leave me a comment or let me know on Twitter.


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