Sunday Funday: Oct. 9

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening my pretties! How are y’all doing? I have just returned from a gloriously refreshing walk on this chilly morning. As I allowed my feet to guide me in whatever direction they deemed appropriate, I let my mind wander—simultaneously, thinking of everything and nothing at all. The fresh air and quiet morning offered my defective brain a nice respite from all of the chaos and angst of the past few days.

It is such a helpless feeling having to sit ideally by watching as my family and friends dealt with one crisis after another (i.e. health problems, accidents, a hurricane) and knowing there was nothing I could do. I like being about to take care of the people I love—whether it’s cooking meals, baking, cleaning, running errands, or just offering a hug. I like action, I like doing, and when I’m unable to do these things I end up worrying and cursing the distance that separates.

But as I walked this morning, I tried my best to put distance between me and the past week. I’m looking forward to the new week and the fresh start/clean slate it offers.
Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew blew his way up the Atlantic coast. Seeing the tragic aftermath in Haiti, people were warned that this was going to be a deadly and devastating storm when it hit Florida, projecting to hit as a Category 4. As many of you know, pretty much my whole family lives in Florida with the majority living in Melbourne and Cocoa Beach—the areas predicted to feel the brunt of Matthew’s fury. Everyone decided it was best to stay and ride out the storm, making for a tense couple of days.

Thankfully, things were not a bad as most feared and I am happy to report that everyone made it through safe and sound. Even my idiot brother who was outside doing a live Facebook stream before his wife threatened to lock him outside if he didn’t get inside.
Thank you to everyone who sent such sweet messages of concern and support!

Not including today, there are 22 days left before the clock strikes midnight on November 1st. Cue freak out in 3…2…1
AHHHI cannot believe it has been almost a year since the craziness of my first NaNoWriMo and boy oh boy, what a year it has been 😀 Like so many others, I’m currently preparing for the 30 day writing marathon but just not in the way you may think. For my NaNo WIP I’ll be finishing up Nerves which means there isn’t a lot of preplanning to take care of. Not that I’d do it any anyway. #pantser 😛

What I am doing is planning things for this here little blog. Last year when I participated, I spent most of my time working on Unrung Bell, meeting the 50k goal in just 23 days but I didn’t have a blog. I’ve been doing something which I never do: planning posts ahead of time. To keep the cobwebs and dust from collect, I want to make sure I have content during the month of November. I like to write posts the day of, sometimes the day before, because I like writing in the moment so this hasn’t been an easy task to figure out but I’m trying.

Reading: I have started a couple of books this week but haven’t been able to sink my teeth into anything. I blame my awful lack of focus. Fingers crossed that will change this week 🙂

Watching: American Horror Story :Hotel was added to Netflix this week so I’ve been hiding behind a pillow watching Lady Gaga be a total badass. Man, everyone was right when they said she was born to play this role because holy crap, she knocks it out of the freaking park.
Listening: Fangirling achieved new heights this week in the Wallace household with the release of Bruno Mars’s new single,” 24K Magic”. And no, I’m not talking about myself; although, I do find Bruno simply adorable and want to put him in my pocket…I think he’d fit too. No, I’m not the BM super-fan. What an unfortunate monogram.
*cracks up for five minutes*
Sorry I’m back now.
*wipes tears away*
As I was saying, I’m not the resident super-fan…my dad is. Yes, you read that right. He looses his sh*t over whenever Bruno is preforming on TV and always turns up the radio full blast whenever one of his songs comes on. It’s pretty freaking adorable I must admit.

So this week when the new single hit, Bruno’s first in four years, my father was instantly hooked. And thanks to him, now I am too. We are currently working on perfecting the dance moves 😉

I hope you all have a lovely week filled with inspiration, productivity and plenty of dancing.

How was your week? Have you ever been in a hurricane or big weather event? What are you currently reading, watching or listening to?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Oct. 9

  1. I’m glad you are all safe and sound, and things didn’t get as bad as feared for Florida. I know I said I was going to do NaNo this November, but after doing CampNano in July, and having the book release in Nov, I’ve opted out again. Maybe I’ll join you next year…

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  2. I’m sorry to hear your family is going through even more tough times :/ You guys deserve a break from the madness! I’m glad you’re all safe, though, that’s great to hear 🙂
    I’m doing NaNo, too! 😀 I haven’t done the big one before, but I’m really excited for it. We can do it, Moll! *waves pom poms*

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  3. I’m glad that everyone made it through the storm, but I’m sorry that your family is still wading through hard times. I’m offering my prayers to you. They are always yours. You are one of the loveliest people I know and all I want is the very best for you! You deserve the best of health, and the truest of happiness!
    Best of luck with NaNoWriMo. I’m doing it again this year too and I’ll be cheering for you!
    Stay well and positive my dear! Hoping that things turn around for you soon ❤

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