Sunday Funday Aug 28

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all had an excellent week. This week, like most, has been a whirlwind. Life has gone into hyper-speed it seems. Of course, that’s nothing unusual after being gone the weekend before. Spent a good portion of the week catching up on some household duties but the majority was spent playing nursemaid to Belle, which mainly entails holding and snuggling with my sweet boy and enjoying every moment I have left with him. Continue reading


Real Quick Cute Corner

Time for your weekly dose of adorable. This video is jam packed with a variety of cute animals and is sure to give you *heart eyes* in no time. Enjoy!!

Monday Funday Musings

Yesterday I was traveling home from Florida and was unable to get my usual Sunday Funday post up. I was naive enough to think I’d have time to get it written over the weekend but I should have known better. Nothing productive gets accomplished when I’m with my family :p To make up for my negligence, today will be a hybrid post…Welcome to Monday Funday Musings! This might be a little light on the musings side of things but we’ll see how it goes. Let’s dive right in shall we? Continue reading

Musings: It takes a village

You know the saying: You make plans and God laughs? I think the same can be said for novels. I started the month filled with hope and ambition. Visions of grander danced in my mind that this month would hold great things for me and my characters. Inspiration would flow allowing me write ALL of the words with little to no issue. I’d set goals and made plans and thought about every possible obstacle that might be standing in between me and writing greatness. I had prepped for battle and was ready for victory. To which my characters’ responded like this:
TennetLaugh Continue reading