Cute Corner: Patriotic Pets

This weekend, our country will be celebrating its independence. Celebrating the Fourth of July is something we Americans take very seriously. So seriously in fact, even our animals get involved.  Continue reading


30 in 30

Recently, I’ve been looking back on the previous years. Reliving the adventures/misadventures of my late teens and early twenties. Reflecting on the good and bad times. Thinking about the lessons learned (some learned the hard way) through trial and error and lots of mistakes. Turning thirty will do that to you I guess :p
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I’ve been a little quite on here recently…well, now that I’m thinking about it, a week really isn’t that long. I have gone longer without posting  but I’ve started this post now… sooo maybe just think of it as a mini Sunday Funday–A Humpday Funday, if you will. TWSS (The jokes write themselves…don’t judge.)
weirdlifeI’d first like to start by addressing the elephant in the room on the blog. If you follow me on Twitter then you know I’ve been going through a lot lately. The times have been hard and they have been dark…oh so very dark. Yes, I’m talking about Hiddleswift.
dontknowmypainI’d like to thank everyone who has messaged, called and sent cards during this awful time. It still feels like a nightmare I’ve been unable to wake up from. I thank you for your continued support during this rough patch with my imaginary boyfriend. And I ask you all to please continue respecting our my privacy as we I work through this difficult time.
NewGirlcryingOkay, now that that is all out of the way, shall we move on to other topics? Great! I wanted to give you guys a brief rundown and plan for the rest of the week and weekend.

Thursday—Cute Corner
Sunday—this will not be the usual Funday post but I promise it will be fun ;p

As with most things when it comes to this blog, this is not set in stone and may end up changing at any time but hopefully, it won’t. Stay tuned to find out if it actually happens.

I’ve been out of town and super busy so I haven’t really had time to watch anything new or noteworthy. Same goes with listening to music—although, last weekend I did enjoy the heck out of the temporary “Roadtrip Radio” station Sirius XM’s been offering. It had a fun mix of artists and genres to make a long boring drive to Florida a bit more entertaining.
defygravityIf you want to know what I’m reading, feel free to check out my Goodreads page. Spoiler Alert: it hasn’t changed much since last week 😀

In Conclusion
I really don’t have much more to talk about I don’t think. I’m sure once I press ‘publish’, my brain will be flooded with ideas (probably not) but so goes it. I hope you all are having a wonderful week and continue to do so. Enjoy the rest of your Humpday…however you choose to celebrate ;p
pelvic thrustWhat?! You could totally have a Wednesday evening yoga class. Get your minds out of the gutter! ;p