Musings: 20 Facts

I was tagged by Holly to share 20 facts about myself. It was tough coming up with things I haven’t already told y’all but I gave it my best shot.

20 Facts About Me
1. Blind Melon’s No Rain was the first CD I owed.
2. Had a job offer in Fiji to work as a Sports Librarian. Also,  gave strong consideration to moving to Qatar for a job–I would’ve had to buy stock in sunscreen.
3. My first major celebrity crush was Sean Connery circa the James Bond days. I’ve always had a thing for older me ;p
James_Bond_(Sean_Connery)_-_Profile4. Besides English, I speak Japanese and Spanish and can curse in German, Turkish and Yiddish :p
5. I was never one of those girls who dreamed about their wedding day. I don’t like being the center of attention or having all eyes on me, so the idea of a big wedding—any size wedding—stresses me out and makes my palms sweat. I’d be content getting married at a court house.
6. Oftentimes, I give people waaayyyy too many chances but once I’m done…I am done. Bye Felicia.
7. I love watching history documentaries and real-life forensics TV shows.
8. If I tell you ‘I trust you’ then its a really big deal because I rarely open up and trust people.
9. To this day, my family still doesn’t understand my love affair with Russian literature but it is deep and it is strong!
10. Giving presents to people is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. The best is when it’s completely random and out of the blue so they’re not expecting it.
11. Sometimes its feels like I’m a walking contradiction—Love spontaneity but also love plans and order. Surprises are fun and exciting but it totally depends on the circumstances or else I can end up feeling blindsided. I’m independent and love being by myself but at the same time, it’s nice to feel cared for. I can be girly as well as tomboyish.
I'mcomplicated12. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies all the way through.
13. I sometimes fear that I’m hard to love or even unloveable.
14. I own a 19th edition of David Copperfield.
15. I ‘stress-clean’ and ‘stress-bake’, so if my house is spotless and smells like a bakery then beware.
stressbaking16. I used to make pottery and found it to be very relaxing. I would love to one day have my own wheel.
17. Having tan skin is something that is never going to happen for me. I have two shades: bright red and pasty white. There’s no in between, no middle ground.
18. If you need a flat tire changed or your car battery jumped off, I’m your girl.
19. I’m a touchy, feely, affectionate person but only with people I’m extremely close to and comfortable around.
gonnahugyou20. I’m happiest when I’m close to water. Doesn’t matter what kind–a lake, creek, river or ocean–just as long as it’s water. Ideally, I’d love to live near the sea.
Bonus: Talking about myself is the worst and would much rather listen to other people talk, so let’s hear it. What are your 20 Facts?

17 thoughts on “Musings: 20 Facts

  1. Squee more proof that we’re twins! lol
    You know I feel happiest when close to water, and I’d love to try pottery. I’m the same way with the touchy-feely thing too 😀 And yes to the stress cleaning & baking! If the flat looks showroom clean and the table’s covered in baked goods then I’m at my limit lol

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  2. Mollie Wallace you are truly awesome. With all due respect to your Bonus, I’d take another 20 just for good measure. Also, fun fact: if you want to see if #13 is possible, all you have to do is combine #14 with #10. That book literally made me want to be a writer. I’ve never known anyone else to have read it, let alone own it!


    1. D’aww you’re always making me blush 😀 Thank you! I’m not sure I have another 20 worth mentioning but who knows 😉
      I loved that book so much!! It’s so cool that we share a love of David Copperfield because you’re right, not many people have read it.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my little ole blog. I appreciate it!!

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  3. Yay! Our similarities continue, sista! 😀 Trust is a really big deal to me, too, and it’s probably connected to me sometimes wondering if I’m unlovable. I wonder if it’s a human-thing? Either way I’m glad it’s not just me ❤
    Don't ever change, you beautiful girl!

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  4. So much amazingness!! I love these facts, Mollie! Just solidifies how wonderful you are 😉
    Sean Connery has been a secret crush of mine. The accent always gets me 😉
    And I wish I could live by the water too! That would be my ideal home: a cottage on the lake — secluded and inspirational for my writing 😀
    Just let me state for the record that you are not unloveable! You deserve so much love and so much happiness! You have a beautiful personality as far as I know and a great heart. You are already loved, you know ❤

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    1. Aww thank you so much! You are always able to brighten up my day!!!
      Sean Connery’s accent is amazing! That man can wear a tux 😀
      I’ll be more than happy to buy the cottage on the other side of that lake because it sounds perfect 🙂

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