Sunday Funday: May 29

I’m not gonna lie guys, this week has been an absolute blur. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t feel like a lot of but I was stayed busy and was constantly on the go, running around and doing errands. As to what it was exactly that kept me meeting myself in the road, well, I couldn’t tell you exactly.

After consulting tweets, texts, pictures, etc. I was able to piece it all together (pitiful, right?) and realized it was just a bunch of little, time consuming, tedious bits and bobs that added up to an overwhelmingly crazy week. Most of it is not worth mentioning as it is just the mundane, everyday tasks we’re all confronted with but there were a couple of noteworthy experiences…

I got a hair cut—okay, so it may not be all that noteworthy but whatever this is my blog and my life is so dull and boring that a hair cut is a big deal. I hadn’t had my hairs trims since September and it was time. Nothing drastic—no pixie cut or green hair for me. Just a couple of inches trimmed off and some layers put in, although, you really can’t tell a difference. My stylist took a picture of my hair for his website and portfolio so watch out, the back of my head may become famous one day ;p
IMG_2981 long hair

On Thursday, I took a drive up into the North Georgia mountains. It was great to get out of town and a much needed break from everything. I love driving the twisty, curvy mountain roads, finding it relaxing to get into the higher elevations. Because it was a weekday, there wasn’t a ton of traffic so I pretty much had the roads to myself. Just me and my music.

I made a stop at good ole Young Harris College which was the very first college I attended. When I went there, it was only a two year school but has since transitioned into a four year institution.
IMG_2973A lot of great memories are associated with this campus. The first day of classes, I met another shy introvert named Ashley and we’ve been friends ever since. It was through my involvement with the theatre that I was able to spend a week in London with all of my friends touring theaters and museums, seeing the sights and legally consuming more than my fair share of pints. (The stories from that trip are legendary—oh to be 18 again.) It was also at YHC that I got my first taste of working in a library and realized I eventually wanted to make a career out of it.

Duckworth Library, where it all started
Duckworth Library: where it all started

It was nice to go back and see the old campus. Although much had changed, the spirit of the college was still there and the memories made still live on.

Part of what made this week so busy was the preparation for last night. What happened last night? This redheaded introvert got all dressed up and actually left the house to attend the wedding of a close family friend. My mom and Jeana have been friends since their days at YHC (it’s kind of a family tradition to go there) and it was Jimmy, her son, who was getting married.
200-3Why so much prep? When you don’t go out much, it can be rather overwhelming trying to do so, especially for a special occasion such as a 7 o’clock wedding. It’s occasions like this that remind me just how much of an effort goes into being a girl sometimes—hair, nails, makeup, dress, shoes accessories, undergarments, etc.—ugh, its enough to make your head spin. I’m more than a little out of practice when it comes to super duper dress up. I’m so thankful for the stylish, knowledgeable and tolerant friends in my life who offered their opinions and advice—they were my fairy godmothers working behind the scenes to help transform this ugly duckling into a swan presentable duck.

It was wonderful to be apart and witness two people who love each other, commit their lives to one another in front of their family and close friends which made all of the running around, shopping and stress was worth it though. The open bar didn’t hurt either ;p The night was filled with laughter, good food, lots of drinks and even more dancing. Fun fact: I’m an extremely popular dance partner for men between the ages of 9-13 and the over 60 crew 😀

So thats my week, in a nutshell, the exciting bits at least. I usually don’t spend that much time on the previous week but since things have been so busy, I’m extremely far behind in my writing and blogging duties which means I don’t have much to preview for the upcoming week. But there will be blog posts, I just don’t know what they’ll be about yet. Definitely a pantsing type of week which should be fun! I’ll continue to play catchup on reading and commenting on blogs so get ready for a slew of notifications.

Since this post is already so long, I’m going to cut it here and will return to the usual format next week. But I would like to leave you all with a song I’ve been listening to on repeat: Pink’s “Just Like Fire” from Alice Through the Looking Glass. I love it!

Enjoy your week guys!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: May 29

  1. Sounds like an exciting week, Mollie! A trip down memory lane is always a lovely diversion.
    I haven’t attended many weddings in my life — just two at the moment — but my friends are getting married in early July and it’s going to be one of those big Italian weddings with lots of dancing and (hopefully) some eligible bachelors ;P
    You look gorgeous by the way. Definitely a swan in my books ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, only two? I’ve got two more to attend this year LOL. I guess that’s what I get for having a big family :p They’re a lot of fun and a big Italian wedding sounds wonderful! They’re an excellent place to meet people *wink wink* I’m sure you’ll have a ball!!
      Aww you’re too sweet, thank you!! I loved my dress so that helped me feel a bit more comfortable 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a small family and an even smaller group of friends. Such is the introverted me. The wedding will definitely be an adventure!
        It’s important to wear what makes you feel confident. You deserve to feel beautiful because you are ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww you are the sweetest!
        There is nothing wrong with being introverted. I am the same. I just have a ridiculously large family on both sides which makes for a lot of weddings and baby showers lol :p

        Liked by 1 person

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