Musings: 20 Facts

I was tagged by Holly to share 20 facts about myself. It was tough coming up with things I haven’t already told y’all but I gave it my best shot.

20 Facts About Me
1. Blind Melon’s No Rain was the first CD I owed.
2. Had a job offer in Fiji to work as a Sports Librarian. Also,  gave strong consideration to moving to Qatar for a job–I would’ve had to buy stock in sunscreen. Continue reading


Sunday Funday: May 29

I’m not gonna lie guys, this week has been an absolute blur. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t feel like a lot of but I was stayed busy and was constantly on the go, running around and doing errands. As to what it was exactly that kept me meeting myself in the road, well, I couldn’t tell you exactly.

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Sunday Funday: May 22

As I told you all last week, I’ve been on mandatory bed rest for the better part of a week but am once again a free woman!! Watch out World, I’m back!!
grand entraceTechnically, my doctors haven’t given me the all clear but I lasted longer than any thought I would so they should chalk it up as a win ;p

My body may have been on an unplanned hiatus but my imagination has not. There’s been plenty of scheming and planning and plotting going on as it relates to current and future stories as well as numerous blog posts. I can’t wait to jump back into the daily grind and bring these ideas into fruition. It’s shaping up to be a fun summer 😀

This is normally the part when I give a brief overview of “The Week-That-Was” but honestly, not much has happened or been going on in the world of Mollie. Well, I take that back…the power did go out last night along with my cell service and for a brief time, I was concerned it was The End and started doing a mental inventory of potential weapons and how much food was stored in the pantry. Yes, I know—I read too much. 
crazyscreamOn a completely unrelated note, I’m going to buy my dad three cases of bottled water, some dehydrated food and a generator for Father’s Day ;D

I have not forgotten that I still owe you guys an installment (possibly two) of Nerves to help wrap things up a bit. I hope to have that out one day this week. Finn and Lily are chomping at the bit to get their story out and into the open. They had been rather quiet and respectful, not too demanding, while I was under the weather but now, the gloves are off and they’re raring to go. Told you it was going to be a fun summer 😉
a46e3b9158db497d39af0fe2f1f86621.jpgRise of Sparrows Blog Tour
Wednesday is going to be a big day because we’ll be celebrating the release of my good friend Sarina Langer’s novel Rise of Sparrows (Relics of Ar’Zac Book One). I had the honor of being one of her beta readers for this spectacular book and let me tell you…I was hooked from the first page. It was amazing!! This book gave me ALL the feels which, I will share with you on Wednesday in my Not-Review.
200Sarina has also been kind enough to share a few enticing and titillating quotes from Rise of Sparrows, along with *drumroll* an exclusive excerpt. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on all of the fun and be sure to check out the rest of Sarina’s Blog Tour schedule here.

With my head and neck being in such a sad state, I have been unable to do much of anything, except watch TV. And holy crap, have I watched a lot of TV. I won’t list everything I’ve watched because that would be boring and frankly, a bit scary. (Seriously, y’all…its a lot!)
tvallday But here are the top 3 things I’ve watched:

1. Justified—the sixth season is also the last of this beloved TV show. I discovered it last spring on Amazon Prime and binged the heck out of it. The show is based on Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole”, centering around a U.S. Marshal, played by Timothy Olyphant *hubba-hubba*, who has come back to work in his hometown. Walton Goggins is one of my all-time favorite actors. I love him in everything he does. He is such a talented actor with a knack for creating memorable characters and his portrayal of notorious outlaw Boyd Crowder is no exception. Check him out in Sons of Anarchy as Venus Van Damme—one word…Brilliant!
loveisaficklebeast2. Banshee—I started watching this show and was immediately hooked. The premise: convict is released from prison after serving 15 years and through a strange set of circumstances, ends up becoming the sheriff of the small town of Banshee, Pa. What could possibly go wrong? Its bloody, violent, action packed, dramatic and all around fantastic. Hoon Lee who plays Job, a drag queen hacker, gives an astounding performance and has quickly become one of my favorite TV characters.
blowupI didn’t realize that this, the fourth season, would be the last on of the series. I’m bummed its over but after watching the finale Friday night, I’m pleased with how the writers and producers ended things.

3. Homeland—I just finished season one of this critically acclaimed drama and now I finally know what all of the buzz is about. Oh my goodness, this is an amazing hour of television. I can’t really put my finger as to why but I’ve never been a huge fan of Claire Danes—I mean, I didn’t hate her but I didn’t love her either…guess you could say I was kinda lukewarm toward her—however, she’s won me over and broken my heart as Carrie Mathinson. The real reason I started watching this show was Mandy Patinkin. My hopes for him during the second season is he’ll avenge Carrie’s honor by sword fighting a six-fingered terrorist left-handed before revealing he’s actually right-handed 😀

Since I’m still kinda getting back in the game, I’m gonna let the above top three do double duty and serve as my Favorites list for the week.

Question of the Week
What are you watching right now that you’re loving?

Sunday Funday: Happy Mother’s Day

I’d first like to start by wishing all of the mothers out there, a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!
happy-1365701__180I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing day celebrating with your loved ones.

This may sound cliche but my mother really is one of my best friend. We’ve always been close and we’ve only become closer the older I’ve become. She’s my biggest cheerleader, closest confidant, and favorite partner in crime. She always looks out for me, having my best interest at heart and has been that way from day one. Its how I ended up with the name Margaret Anne and not just Mollie because the former would look better on wedding invitations. Solid reason Ma.
thumbsup2She is wise, beautiful, funny, creative, is always smiling and can find the humor in any situation. Her laugh is infectious and has at times been close to lethal. Yes, my mom once was laughing so hard while driving she couldn’t keep her eyes open, let alone keep the damn car in a lane. Oh did I mention we were driving down a mountain? Yeah…lethal.

My Mama has thought me to dream and encouraged me to follow those dreams. She is everything I hope to be one day. If I could be half of the woman she is then I’d be extremely lucky.
me and mamaOther than gushing about how awesome my mama is, I don’t have much to report from the previous week. I think I’m still recovering somewhat from finishing my draft of Unrung Bell. Is there such thing as a “draft hangover”? If not, then I’m trademarking it and saying its a thing because that’s definitely what I’ve been experiencing.

I’ve decided to let the draft sit and stew until July which is when the next Camp NaNoWriMo begins. Perfect timing, right? Having a two month break away from Millie will be nice. With that sorted, I’ve turned my attention onto other projects—mainly Nerves. *cue not-so-subtle segue*

Nerves News
For any one who has just recently begun to follow me, Nerves is a serial I started a couple of months ago. All of the posts can be found in their own category over on the side if you want to catch up. A big thank you to Holly for making the amazing navigation buttons located at the end of each post.

So I have some good news and some not-so-good news for you guys. Should I share the not-so-good first? Okay…I’m sad to say, there will only be a couple of more installments of Nerves and it will no longer be a novella.
kid Aww I know. It’s sad 😦 *hugs all around* But before you get too upset, let me give you the good news…

bigdealalertTurns out Finn and Lily have a lot to say. So here we are, on the brink of starting a new novel. I feel bad for discontinuing the installments but it’s getting rather difficult to write them without giving away too much. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to leave you guys on a cliffhanger–at least not a huge cliff ;p There will be another post on Tuesday and one more, maybe two, after that. I plan on keeping you guys updated on Finn and Lily’s progress. I’m super excited about telling their whole story and I can’t wait to share this new adventure with y’all. It should be a lot of fun 😀
Reading: One of the perks of my “draft hangover” is I’ve had more time to read. I had the honor of being one of the first people to get my grubby little hands on a copy of Infernal Ties (Infernal Hunt Book 1) written by my very close friend and twin, Holly Evans. I devoured it in no time. It was thrilling, fast paced and exciting. I cannot wait for the second one. *hint hint*
give it to me nowI’m about halfway through EVO Nation written by K.J. Chapman and loving every heart pounding page of it. I would have finished it by now but my Kindle app was messed up for a couple of days. Thankfully things are fixed now and I hope to have it finished ASAP. Feel free to check out my Goodreads pages to see what else I’m currently reading because it’s a lot.

Watching: The Knick is a show on Cinemax directed by the talented Steven Soderbergh and starring Clive Owen (yummy). It centers around the employees at New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital at the turn of the twentieth century. The cast is phenomenal, the writer is excellent, and the setting is incredible. I’m currently halfway through season 2 and I don’t want it to end. It’s still up in the air whether or not the series will return for a third season—I hope it does because this show is fantastic.

Listening: Mainly my ever growing Nerves playlist. This week, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy (that show has some of the best music) and heard a song which I absolutely fell in love with—Every Time I’m with You by Seal. This beautiful love song has been on repeats for a couple of days.

Justin Timberlake also released a new single this week which is a lot of fun. The first time I listened to Can’t Stop the Feeling, it instantly put me in a good mood. I can see this becoming a big song of the summer.

These are just five of my favorite things about my Mama.
* Makes everything special—its some kind of “Mom Magic”
* Always up for an adventure
* Dances in store aisles and sings along to song even if she has no idea about the words
* Sense of humor—if anyone wonders where my dirty mind and tendency towards inappropriate jokes comes from, blame her 😀
* Loves margaritas—when I say love…I mean LOVES!!! She loves them so much, we tease her that the real reason I got stuck with the name Margaret
What is your favorite thing about your Mom? What’s one of your favorite memories?