No Mo’ Camp NaNoWriMo

I can’t believe its the last day before the official end of CampNaNoWriMo. This will be our last time, sitting around the camp fire (internet), making s’mores (bribing ourselves to write with candy), reminiscing about our awesome, fun week at camp (bitc-complaining, sometimes sobbing, about our lack of inspiration, low word count and uncooperative characters). Continue reading


Sunday Funday: Apr. 17

Another week as come and gone all too quickly. My world has been consumed with writing and not much else, making my normal introduction a little be shorter than usual. Well, some things have happened but they’re really not interesting or worth mentioning in a blog so I’ll spare you those details…you’re welcome ;p
yourewelcomeI realize the consistency of my posts has been somewhat nonexistent the past couple of weeks and I apologize. The demands of Camp and real life seemed to have gained the upper hand, leaving me emotionally spent and my brain fried. When I finally get around to putting together a blog post, all I want to  stare at a wall and eat ice cream. I’m hoping things will get back on track once Camp is finished and real life gets a hold of itself. (Seriously, real life…control yourself!) Just please bare with me. It’ll be worth it I promise.

I was supposed to update you guys on my Camp progress on Friday but ended up kinda being thrown for a loop when I realized I’d grossly miscalculated my word count for the month. Somehow ending up with a 1400+ word discrepancy. My reaction might have looked a little bit like this…
AHHHBut with the help of a wonderful, encouraging friend *waves to Holly*, I sprinted my way back on track. By the end of my writing session, I’d gotten down 3508 words! What?? I know, I couldn’t believe it either! It was the second time this week, I’d broken 3k in one day.

There was a fair amount of happy dancing taking place in my office when I realized what I’d achieved. But it wasn’t just about the word count; a lot of my  exuberance had to do with the fact that I finally felt as though I’ve busted through this slow, trudging through mud feeling I’ve been experiencing when it comes to Unrung Bell. It feels as though the story is now actually progressing. Things are getting done: doctors are being seen, tests are being run, procedures are being performed. The narrative is moving forward and no longer bobbing up in down in one place.

I did hit one other writing milestone this week. On Tuesday, I completed my first ever 1k words in an hour. Writing 1,008 words in just 58 minutes.
thatshowitsdoneGoing into third week of Camp, I still feel good about the way things are going and the progress that’s being made. It has not been an easy road which will continue to be rather bumpy but I know I’m going to feel so much better once it’s completed.

Watching: Have you ever hate-watched a TV show? Meaning, you can’t stand the majority of the characters, loathe almost every single minute spent with your eyes on the screen and almost develop a migraine from all of the *eye rolling*. And yet, you continue to watch because on some sick twisted level you want to know what happens.
hatethingsThis is my relationship with the TV show, Girls. I complain the whole time I watch it and swear every year, I’m never going to do it again, yet here I am still watching in season five. It’s alright you can judge me, I judge myself. All I can say is thank goodness they’re only 30 minute episodes.

I also began watching Penny Dreadful. I’d like to go into a little bit more depth on my thoughts and feelings about the first couple of episodes but sadly I cannot. Why, you ask? Because I have NO idea what the hell is going on in that TV show. Seriously, y’all, I’m lost.
don't understandHowever I’m going to keep on watching to see if somehow things magically click into place because I’m not a quitter plus Josh Harnett looks damn fine with facial hair.

Listening: In edition to my Unrung Bell playlist, I’ve had one particular song on repeat: Sia’s Elastic Heart. It’s funny how songs can really speak to you certain weeks—this one especially.

Another song I’ve recently discovered and absolutely fallen in love with is Sara Barielles’ She Used To Be Mine. This is a beautiful ballad by one of my all time favorite artists and was written for the musical Waitress. The lyrics are poignant and hit close to home. It’s funny how a song can feel like its been written just for you and is able to express everything you’re feeling.

Favorite Ways to Relax
These are some of my favorite ways to relieve stress, most of which will not come as a surprise. Recently, these methods have been employed heavily but especially so during the next couple of days:
*Writing—one of the best ways to escape from the world around you is to get lost in one you create, even though it can be the cause of some stress ;p
*Reading—escape into the world someone else has created
*Watch TV—it’s great to not have to think and have a story told to you. I love watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls, Law & Order or Castle when I want to turn my brain off, unwind, and have a chuckle.
*Talk to friends or family—9 times out of 10 I’ll end up in tears from laughter (there are some very funny people in my life) and end up forgetting all of my troubles for a bit.
*A long bath—soak the worries away while listening to some music
*Baking—I’m known for my ‘stress baking’. I find it so soothing to measure, mix, pour (or roll) and bake.
*DANCING!!!! This one is my absolute favorite because duh, dancing is fun and should be done every single day 😀 Sometimes the only way to deal with things is to…
Do you have a love-to-hate relationship with a TV show? How about a book series? What are your favorite ways to relieve stress? 

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